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Episode 33: Shovel Knight

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Yacht Club Games’ Nick Wozniak and Sean Velasco join Chase to discuss their love letter to Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom gaming, Shovel Knight

Hear how Yacht Club Games began, how Shovel Knight went from Kickstarter dream to award-winning reality, and how the game might’ve been different it it had just made its original $75,000 goal.


Show Notes:

Learn more about Shovel Knight and grab yourself a copy of the game at

Shovel Knight is a pretty faithful NES game…except when it’s not. Read this great piece by Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo on Gamasutra about where it made sense to break from the authenticity.

Snag Shovel Knight’s awesome Jake Kaufman-composed soundtrack here. It’s pay what you want!

And keep up with Yacht Club games on their Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch pages.

Episode 31: Pokemon Trading Card Game

Download the episode here.

For Episode 31, we dive back into one of Chase’s top 10 Game Boy games ever, The Pokemon Trading Card Game. 

Sam Chandler lends his significant PTCG knowledge for this blast from the past. And we discuss why the sequel never made it to our shores and whether we’ll ever see PTCG show up on the Virtual Console.

Episode 30: Record Run

Download the episode here.

Director of Publishing & PR  and Project Lead on , John Drake comes on to talk about the newest mobile game from the music-minded developer.

John gives us a candid rundown of Harmonix’s history with handhelds, the story behind the timing of releasing Record Run during the Amplitude Kickstarter and definitively restates that no, no one is currently working on Rock Band 4 (yet).


Show Notes:

  • Download Record Run on iOS or Google Play for FREE!
  • VidRhythm is also FREE on iOS.
  • This episode was recorded before the news of Harmonix’s restructuring. Read more about that on Polygon.

Episode 29: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

Download the episode here.

Former Bitmob community writer, current Destructoid community writer and fellow pokemaniac Marcel Hoang makes his Gamers on the Go debut to discuss Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, the beginning of the third generation of Pokemon games and a refresh of the popular series. 

Marcel lends his considerable knowledge about competitive Pokemon play, offering a stark contrast to Chase’s “catch ‘em all” attitude.

Sorry about some of the audio issues present in this episode. There was some echo we just couldn’t quite kill. Also, we tried upping the bitrate a little for this episode. Hopefully, we can put it all together in future episodes.

Show Notes:

  • To read Marcel’s full write up on Ruby & Sapphire’s metagame, you can find it on GamesBeat here.
  • Pokemon commercials are always fun. Watch them all at these three links.

Episode 28: PAX East 2014

Download the episode here

On this special episode of Gamers on the Go, Chase has traveled to Boston to see the great handheld (and some not handheld) games on the showfloor of PAX East 2014.

Along with East Coast Correspondent Matt Giguere, we talk about a ton of promising indie titles that are coming to a Vita near you.


Episode 27: Metroid Prime Hutners

Download the new episode here.

Shuffled’s Matt Giguere returns to chat about Metroid Prime Hunters: a sort of black sheep in the Metroid series. 

We also discuss the pathetic history of first-person shooters on handheld systems, the death of Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection and Chase makes an impromptu endorsement of Vlambeer’s new game, Luftrausers.

Episode 26: SteamWorld Dig

Episode Link

Back from the holidays, we’re starting 2014 right with CEO of Swedish developer Image & Form, Brjann Sigurgeirsson speaking with us about their breakout eShop hit, SteamWorld Dig!

In addition to a fair amount of talk about the mining platforming adventure, we talk about the studio’s early days of “edutainment” games and how they’ve transitioned to original IPs. We also discuss what drew them to developing games for Nintendo handhelds as well as what Image & Form might be up to in the very near future.

Show Notes:

  • While we’re understandably a little biased towards the handheld version of SteamWorld Dig, the Steam version is worth a look and works on Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • To see some of Image & Form’s earlier work, check out their game Anthill on iOS.

Episode 25: Year in Review Part 2

Episode Link

Matt Giguere and Zach Fleeman return to talk about the year’s best in handheld gaming. For our second and final part (you can check out Part 1 here), we cover 2013’s greatest iOS and Vita games.

And then we finally get down to business and pick our overall favorites of 2013.

Thank you all for a great year! Gamers on the Go will be back in January.

Episode 24: Year in Review Part 1

Episode Link

Joined by Gamers on the Go veterans Matt Giguere and Zach Fleeman, we discuss the year’s best handheld games, starting with the 3DS. 

What a fantastic year for this little system. In fact, it was such a great year, we had to dedicate an entire episode to all the great games found on the Nintendo handheld.

Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 where we chat about the best games to come to Vita and iOS, as well as our picks for Handheld Game of the Year!

Episode 23: Tearaway

Episode Link

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek joins Chase to talk about one of the best (and most interesting) Vita games to come out this year.

In addition to the Tearaway discussion, Patrick and Chase also muse on the future of Nintendo, the potential dangers of PlayStation Plus and talk about some of their favorite handheld games of the year (and Chase accidentally displays some clairvoyance in today’s Smash Bros announcement).


Show Notes:

  • The picture above comes from Chase’s own Tearaway album. Go to to see some of the amazing stuff people have been making.
  • If you’re still on the fence about Tearaway, you should read Patrick’s review on the game.
  • Near the end of the show, Patrick talks a little about his newest article on blind gamers having an effect on Kickstarter game FREEQ. Read it here.
  • And for more audio-only game goodness, check out Episode 20 of Gamers on the Go about iOS horror game Vanished.